Racism And Racism In Society

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In America, large cities almost universally hold a predominantly liberal population, while many rural and suburban areas tend to vere more to the middle and right of the political continuum. One simple explanation for this phenomenon has less to do with the perceived nature of different “types” of human beings living in a given place than it does with the nature of that place itself. Naturally, someone spending every day of their life in a five by five mile square packed with two million people will experience an inconceivably broader spectrum of social interaction than an individual existing in a 30 square mile county of 2,000. Sociologically speaking, the more humans are exposed to any given thing, place, or person, the greater their appreciation for said entity, as familiarity breeds understanding, and understanding breeds comfort. Thus, it can be argued, a major cause for the idea of tolerance central to the liberal philosophy prevalent in a majority of American urban societies, is simply greater exposure, be it to a variety of beliefs, cultures, religions, races, and just ways of life in general. For many of these people, the only “normal” is diversity, variety; constant change. That being said, the perceived racism often present in the minds of those comprising our country’s sparser populations exists predominantly as a form of fear, rather than the common mislabeling of hate. To truly understand this, one must keep in mind that it is fundamental to human nature to

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