Racism And Racism

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When we are children, we are told that no matter the color of our skin, we are equal. We are told that we have the power to think for ourselves. In a country built on innovative free thinkers, we like to believe that we are immune to any outside influence. However, that is not the case. Many studies have proven that the media has a big impact on the way that we think and feel. Americans are in denial, and refuse to believe that racism in any form is still prevalent in the United States. However, while we have shifted from traditional to modern racism, race is still a major factor in how we view the world. The way the media portrays African Americans plays a part in this. Racism is not the only thing that the media can influence in our society. modern television conventions have been shown to alter the way we think and feel about events that are shown on television. While this can be harmful, and cause us to think in a closed minded way, it can also be helpful. When traumatic events take place that are difficult for us to understand, television conventions can provide us with a way to help process traumatic events. While many Americans believe we live in a color blind society where we are not influenced by the media, due to the way the media portrays African Americans and modern television conventions, racism is still prevalent and the media has the power to alter the way we think and feel about certain events. The article, Loot or Find: Fact or Frame, discusses racism in

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