Racism : Black Or White?

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Black or White? Caucasian, African American, Indian, Asian, Native Hawaiian: together all of these races make up the different racial groups in America. Racism is the belief that race is the reason for human traits and that racial differences cause a race to be inferior or superior to other races. Racism affects how Americans live and work together in America. Recitatif by Toni Morrison published in 1983, fifteen years after the Civil Rights Movement, is an example of fictional writing that addresses the topic of racism that occurred in America. Morrison’s use of main characters with unrealved races in the context of the era of the civil rights movement allows readers to clearly understand her critique on racism: the color of a person’s skin does not matter.
Throughout Recitatif Morrison never reveals Twyla 's or Roberta’s race to the reader. However, what race they are can be debated, based on information Morrison gives in the story. For example, Roberta smells funny, can’t read, and has big hair. For a reader to come to a conclusion on what race they think Roberta was by those three attributes of her would mean the reader would be relying on stereotypes to help them come to their conclusion. The fact that Morrison never reveals to the reader Twyla’s or Roberta’s race indicates that either Caucasian or African American people are cable of acting or even looking the way Twyla and Roberta did. Morrison wants people to let go of any racial prejudice or stereotypes that they

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