Racism : Elizabethan And Modern Societies

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Paris Blass
Mrs. Malovich
English II Honors, Period 7
2 May 2016
Racism in Elizabethan and Modern Societies
Modern day society hinders racial diversity, even if it doesn’t quite seem like it. Generations today are more open to ethnic assortment, but yet still are stuck to racial stereotypes. Everyone who is racially diverse is quietly but surely judged based on their different dialect and skin color. Many people today undermine any other race, making their opinions based off of stereotypical theories. Society today obtains high standards of unity. When something is different from the normal, it threatens the unity. This threat often produces fear, leading to the attempt to push out the diversity from the united culture. This judgement also affects the racially diverse, making them of a timorous and cautious nature. The act of being singled out creates a self confidence decline, pushing doubt and insecurity into the mind of the divergent. In result of these racial insecurities, the planting of uncertainty in the mind of Othello was simply facilitated. Through a racial lense, Shakespeare conveys the quintessence of racism through his vivid racial insecurity and the manner in which Iago and other characters speak about the different race of Othello. This is showcased by the vulnerability Othello presented when confronted with doubt. Connecting to modern society, many people still judge on race, creating a barrier of insecurity between the racially different and conventional
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