Racism In America And The Rest Of The World

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Have you ever looked at someone from a different country, or with a different skin color or eyes than you. And you think to yourself, who is this person, he looks weird, go away, he looks stupid. Whether you think this way intentionally or not, you're being racist. Racism is a real problem in america, and the rest of the world. Racism is as simple as judging someone by their appearances, or their ethnic differences.

To many people believe that they are more superior than other men. Like the men that thought Martin Luther King jr. was just another black man that took up space in “their” country. But the white people are not the only one’s responsible for these racial problems, whether it’s retaliation or straight prejudice, blacks are just as racist as whites. …show more content…

Southerners, lower educated, self-identified conservatives, and Republicans have around a 10%-15% higher statistical chance out of disapproving of interracial marriage. And sometimes, they face stricter punishments for lighter crimes, as can be seen from these two headlines. According to the Supreme Court's Sentencing Commission's findings, black men receive 20% longer prison sentences than white men for committing the same crime. While there are intentionally racist judges out there, the sentencing discrepancy is far more likely to be the result of subconscious

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