Racism In Huck Finn

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Alex Haley once said “Racism is taught in our society, it is not automatic.” Everyday, people come face to face with racist ideas. People see racists stereotypes and prejudices. Individuals experience struggles based on these stereotypes and prejudices. Society has formed its ideas, and beliefs on black people, and these ideas are passed from person to person, until an entire civilization is aware of these ideas. Some believe these ideas are true, and others reject them. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the main character Huck encounters many racist people and ideas. As Huck goes on his adventure, he learns about society, it’s people and it’s beliefs. He then has to take what he has learned about society’s people which includes…show more content…
Twain is suggesting that the racist ideas are wrong. Huck feels guilty for assisting Jim because he believes that Jim is Ms. Watson’s property. In Huck and society’s mind, Huck considered a criminal because he is stealing ‘property’. Huck is nervous because society believes that helping a slave be free is wrong. It is seen as wrong because “civilized” people do not slaves and set them free. People who help free slaves are jailed. The humor that comes from the satire, is the irony in the white people’s actions and beliefs. White people believe they are good people, despite the degrading treatment of people from different races. Also there is humor in the sense that a 13 year old boy can realize that blacks are worthy of basic human rights, but adults can not. This is because society sees slaves as property. Being seen as property reveals the idea that black people are objects, and only meant to be slaves. Society does not believe that black people are worthy of being seen as human, nevermind having basic human rights. Similarly, when the people of the town don’t kill Jim, they do so only because Jim’s owner would be angry, and make them pay for damaging the owner’s property. The people of the town aren’t sparing his life because they believe he is a human and worthy of life, they only spare him because he is someone else’s property. They only keep him alive because they don’t want to pay money for

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