Racism In Othello

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Why Would You Think That? Without a doubt, Othello is one of Shakespeare's most confrontational pieces of literature. The play has had a tremendous impact on literature for many years. It was written in a time where there was racial segregation, which many people can't believe that there was a successful black leader. Othello, is a very high ranking official in the Army (a powerful general) and is married to a young, white girl named Desdemona. Knowing when this play was written it's not hard to figure that there were major conflicts throughout the play. For some reason, there are many people that find this racist. Evan …show more content…

He lived in the late 1800’s to the 1900’s century. He translated many other of Shakespeare's plays, for example, “Show that Noble and Valor like depravity and cowardice and not the Monopoly of any color”. He responded to the play more reliably than the white ruling of South Africa. In the play he suggests that everyone will understand it differently, depending on your race. He also adds some background information on the history that the English have with the Africans, as well as discussing the Elizabethan culture. He stressed about the culture specifically to show it’s concern for needing to have external self disciplines of all people. The first proof he shows about the play being racist is in Act 1 scene II when Othello enters and he is not mentioned by his name. He was referred to as “the Moor”, “ the thick-lips”, and “a Barbary horse” which all represent his skin color. He talks about how Iago and Brabantio were talking, and Iago says “ an old black ram / is tupping your white calf”. This is one hundred percent about Othello and Desdemona. It describes Othello being the black man and Desdemona being the younger white female. Roderigo uses the “ racial insult” to Othello calling him “Thick Lips”. Those are his first two solid pieces of evidence that make the play seem Racist. His next key point is when he starts talking about how South African critics avoid Othello. If they do talk about it they definitely talk about color. They see the

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