Racism In The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

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America is diverse and this diversity at times can breed resentment and anger. Within this diversity many paths cross and at times the crossing paths can have a positive or negative effect on the lives of those involved. Often times when a younger individual is traveling their path a wiser individual may guide them through their travels. America currently faces many challenges many of which have been present since the founding of the nation. The same problems that were flagrant in 1885, have become subliminal yet existent in 2017. The author of the “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, Mark Twain, was one of the most pioneering and brilliant authors during the 19th century. The history behind Mark Twain's name is a fascinating one, Mark Twain received his name when he became the captain of steam boat his true name was Samuel Clemens. His time on the steam boat as captain allowed him to see people come and go. His time on the boat made him a more informed person of the culture in America and how racism played a major role in it. Mark uses his experience with people to write this novel. Many people say that Mark Twain wrote the so called Great American novel, The great American novel is a representation of the culture during that time period of American history, People say he wrote the Great American Novel because it showed the true American culture during that time period. Mark Twain represent the culture in a way that used Jim as a saige and Huckleberry as his student.

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