Racism In The Color Of Water By James Mcbride

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It is always around, it is impossible to back away from it, but what it is? Racism is a very strong force, it has captivated the world ever since humans existed. It is hard to back away from racism, to avoid it all together. Whether you are black, white, Jewish, Catholic, Irish, etc. you will be discriminated against by a group of people. No one can hide from the hatred, it is just there. The Color of Water shows that no matter where you are or who you are, that you can face racism. Rachel faced it when she was a Jew in an all white, Protestant school. James and his siblings faced racism when they were in an all-Jewish school. In the memoir, The Color of Water, by James McBride, racism is a powerful presence that can severely affect those who are victims of it.
In The Color of Water, Rachel repeatedly felt the wrath of racism and prejudice. Rachel went to school in her hometown of Suffolk, Virginia. The elementary, middle, and high schools she attended was an all-white, Protestant school. At the time she was a devoted Jew, her father, Tateh, was a Rabbi. Judaism was the main focal point of the family’s everyday life. In this school, her fellow students always said, “ Hey, Ruth when did you start being a dirty Jew?” (pg. 80). Rachel’s original name was Ruth, but she changed it because it was too Jewish. She wanted a more American name. Rachel only had one friend in her school that would accept her for who she was, Francis. Another example of racism in Suffolk was the

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