Racism Is Not The Same Rights

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Racism In the very beginning after slavery due to that of people believing other people of a different color not deserving the same rights. It’s left the world stuck in a period where people in today’s world being still physically harmed and discriminated. Now we have to teach our children’s children that in a world like this things are going to be likely to happen to you and you need to be prepared for what to do. Our world has come far from giving laws and rights to blacks as well as voting rights. Blacks were looked at as disgusting beast and somewhat still are today. People have went as far as to try and wipe out a whole entire ethnic group. Racism has never cease to exist, I believe everyone has dealt with some kind to a certain …show more content…

Police brutality has never stopped. But has only resurfaced even more. As well as causing arguments leading to spiteful comments of what could be the reason of it. Even with people thinking the problem was blacks and all blacks are alike in a way of causing the same problems. Being that racism already exist even though people today say it doesn 't. That means it will be taught to those of future generations while some will not see a difference in color. But with time it will have been diluted. For those who have learned racism have been taught to teach it and probably for ever have that mindset. Only someone taught from early age will see themselves as having a supremacy over other ethnicities. It makes since that would have been the only thing they grew up around all their lives. According to this quote “If racism understood as a learned ideology, then it is reasonable to expect that even adult educators committed to dismantling racism have internalized aspects of this ideology.” by (Brookfield, Stephen). People sometimes may not even see themselves as racist but could have made a racist remark. Which could be due to them growing around someone who was racist. They could say a joke or make stereotype comment and not see the harm in it. But then be defensive about it when attention is brought to it. This type of racism can be looked over by others and not seen as much more. While making its way to outlets like tv and internet.

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