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Heddens 1
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“ I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” This quote by Martin Luther King Jr. was spoken many years ago, yet there is still a racism problem today. Although some aspects of the problem have gotten better, most of them are still unresolved. Many people don’t realize how serious of a problem racism is all around the country. Racism in the criminal justice system is still a huge problem today.
In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, there is a trial being held for a black man who was accused of rape to a white woman. At this point in the story, Lee makes it clear that the man obviously didn’t do it. The black man was still put into …show more content…

In the article The Color of Justice, Cole gives a personal insight to what different races are thinking. It also informs how citizens of different races feel about racism problems. The results showed that more white people supported the death penalty than both African-American citizens as well as Hispanic citizens. These results aren’t a coincidence for the death penalty, these results occur with many polls. Because racism rarely occurs with white men and women, they don’t believe that it is as big of a problem as it really is.
In the video “The War on Drugs Is an Epic Fail” the rapper, Jay Z gives a personal as well as factual information about racism. He explains how it was growing up in New York City, in a neighborhood full of colored people. He explains how the white citizens and the black citizens were treated differently because of their race. “Even though white people used... crack somehow it was black people who went to prison” (Jay Z). According to Jay Z, more white people used crack and still it is known as a black people problem. This clearly shows how unfairly colored people are treated even when it’s based on factual …show more content…

They explain how black citizens are more likely to have their car searched than white citizens. They also say that black citizens are more likely to stay in jail while waiting for their trial. No matter what the charges were, they were still more likely to be put in jail than whites. It has been proven that the people that were put in jail while waiting for trial have a harder time preparing for their defense. All of these examples show unfair actions against black and white citizens. Heddens 3 In conclusion, racism in the criminal justice system is a huge problem today. There have been many different times that racism has been a serious issue. Although the issue has improved over time, the problem is still existent. It has improved in certain areas, but not others. We as a community need to be aware and proactive - always working towards a world of equality, respect and opportunity for all regardless of race or

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