Radical Presence

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One may expect a lot of different reactions when going to your first performance art exhibition. You may have prepared yourself to be taken aback by these performances. One may imagine each of these performances were still acted out by the artists. As you receive your ticket, sticker and your bag checked you are greeted by a huge sign that indicated the start of the exhibition. Radical Presence it reads, with lower case capital letters and uppercased vowels. It is interesting that the wall installation that says the title of the exhibition is itself a part of it. The title and how it was designed evoked a sense of presence for minor letters that are vowels. It could be interpreted that these vowels represent racial minorities as the exhibition…show more content…
On a small corner was Transitions Inc. by Daniel Tisdale. There are no videos for this performance piece, only the flyers, business cards and products Tisdale used. This performance maybe one of the most powerful pieces that was in the exhibition. The performance included the artist acting as the fictional owner, Tracey Goodman, of the fictional company called Transitions Inc. What could strike you the most is the slogan he used to promote what his company did. The flyer he handed out screamed “We make minorities into majorities!”. According to the information card, Tisdale stood on the street for two days and offered skin whitening products and other cosmetics to people of color. He promoted that this physical transformation through cosmetic products that his company offers will be the way up to success. This performance dealt with the notion of “white privilege”, which is the idea that white people are able to enjoy certain privileges that people of color do not experience. It also dealt with the notion of “crossing over” their physical images to become “successful, happy, and contributing individuals” as the flyer stated. The flyer also notes celebrities that were known to have changed their skin color and are known to be well off. The performance implies that through physical transformation of skin color, an individual is able to become successful and happy with their
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