Radio Frequency Identification ( Rfid ) Essay

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Abstract—Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology for automated identification of people and products, and is getting more involved in our daily lives. RFID consists of a RFID tag or transponder, a RFID reader or transceiver, and the data processing system has been evolving with time. RFID technology is also helpful when used with money, but there is a main limitation while using RFID technology. It is privacy and security. That is why, Electrical and computer engineers work with this limitation, so RFID would be the future for all engineers.

Index-Terms—RFID Electromagnetics, term paper I.INTRODUCTION
For many people, using a card to access a building or a door, a key to start a car or validating an underground ticket have become a routine without realizing that they are making use of a technology that captures data because of the magnetic field. The technology is known as Radio Frequency IDentification or RFID. [1] Just as people use RFID in their daily lives, this technology is also used in objects, as the travel from manufacture to storage and finally the point of sale. Also, they carry RFID tags like people do. People show their RFID cards and objects don’t. These tags are read in different ways and need greater detection distances.
“RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can be defined as an automatic identification technology which uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to identify objects carrying tags when they come close to a reader.” [2]

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