Railroads Paved the Way for the Industrial Revolution

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Railroads Building of the railroads during the 1800s was beneficial to the American people and the Industrial Revolution. The invention of the railroad came from a man in Great Britain; the first steam locomotive was purchased from Stephenson Works in England. The Americans had gone over to England before the Civil War began to see how the steam locomotives operated and how they were built (Early American Railroads). Railroads were first made out of wood the they started making them out of iron (Davison, 2003, 410). Where most railroads were headed to New York, Chicago, and Cincinnati because they were concentrated in the northwest (Davison, 2003, 410). Many people had like competitions to see who had the best railroads (Civilwar, Railroads of the Confederation,2013). The civil war was the first war to have railroads (Civilwar, Railroads of the Confederation,2013). Trains crewman were normally sharp shooters (Historynet, Railroads Critical Role in the Civil War, 2013). “Some of the railroads were four feet high and one half inches apart” (Civilwar, Railroads in the Civil War). “There was like twenty two thousand miles of railroad tracks in the north but only nine thousand miles of track in the south” (lionelllc.wordpress, Railroads and the Civil War, 2012). Herman Haupt made this bridge 100 feet height 400 feet long over the Potomac (emer Trains in the Civil War, 1999). They called this brig the Potomac Creek Bridge (emer Trains in the Civil War, 1999). From the worn out

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