Ralph And Hector Journal Entry

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Lyla the fairy woke up one morning feeling the warm sun on her face. But the snow on the ground made her feel cold. She stretched out her arms and gave a good yawn. She walked over to the window and looked out. “What a sunny day, I wonder what Ralph and Hector are doing?” she said to herself. Lyla walked over to her little kitchen and looked for some breakfast. With Lyla being a fairy she made a good home for herself in an old bird house. She got herself some fruit and tea and sat down at her little table. She ate her food and drank her tea and thought about what she was going to do today. After she was done she put her dishes away and fluttered over to her closet. She put on some warm clothes along with her coat. As she…show more content…
“There is Hector, I take it you found what I found?” Ralph asked him. “Yeah, how is this possible?” Hector asked. “What’s possible?” Lyla asked coming up from behind Ralph. “Well come on over here and look.” Hector told her. Lyla flew over and fluttered next to Hector, when she finally saw what they were talking about her eyes got big. “How is this flower still in bloom and not covered in snow?” she asked Ralph and Hector. “That is what we have been asking.” Ralph told her. “Is there someone we could ask?” Lyla asked. “Well there is one person who may know the answer.” Hector said. “Who?” Lyla and Ralph asked at the same time. “The flower witch.” “What?” Lyla and Ralph said together. “Isn’t she just a story?” Ralph asked. “What if she is real, there is a flower mountain two mountains over.” Hector told them. “It sounds like an adventure.” Lyla said and crossed her arms. “I’m in.” Ralph
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