Ralph Waldo Emerson, God And Transcendentalism

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Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “the sky is the daily bread of the eyes.” Emerson was a transcendentalist, transcendentalism came with a deep connection with nature from which this quote seems to be inspired. It can also be inferred that this quote has connections with the lord’s prayer, as Emerson was very religious. The lord’s prayer even states, “give us this day our daily bread” showing that God gave us necessities like food. By restating this in his essays, Emerson connects the sky with the daily food source by its beauty, and that we can feast upon what he believed the Lord had created for us in nature. Personally i am not all that religious and i don’t share the same transcendentalist beliefs with Emerson, but i wholeheartedly agree with his outlook on the sky as a feast of sorts. I have loved nature my whole life, but this aphorism really connected with a trip i took this summer. I had never left the country but as soon as i came to this new foreign land i fell in love. My mother and i flew to Belize and at one point took a day trip to Guatemala. The country was beautiful from the air and the sky was clear blue in all directions above the clouds, seemingly endless. Landing in a new place at a tiny international airport was strange, especially because of the heavily armed guards, but immediately I noticed how different the surrounding areas and sky were. In Belize,the skies are clear from pollution and boast fluffy white thunderheads that pass in minutes. Days

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