Ralph Waldo Emerson's Criticism Of Self Reliance

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In today's society, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s argument is reliable because the power of others are being controlled and effecting habits we live as an independent. Being too self reliant can ruin relationships with families,friends, and partners which leads to problems. According to Terry Gaspard Licensed Clinical Social Worker, College Instructor, and Author, “it's not a good thing to lean on others too much and being independent is admirable.” (T1). Not depending on others or always having them by their side is magnificent and independence is also admirable, but it is leads to many other problems that makes it difficult to thereby fix it independently. For instance, not be able to be independent does not help one to have motivation on themselves. Terry Gaspard states her argument of relying on themselves , “ Many people are self-reliant to a fault of putting far too much pressure on themselves. By doing this, it self-reliance to a whole new level, because they are unable to rely on anyone.” (T2). Depending on others such as, in their opinions or , maybe the pressure of someone’s thinking. Everything such as ideas, knowledge, or personal kept to themselves and when help is needed, their knowledge is reliant to everything. For an example, there are many people who are extremely self-reliant to the point where pressure on themselves is very high and guides everything to the next standard. Dr. Willard Harley, Counselor and author, states her opinion“Letting go control,

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