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Law of Dharma The topic of this essay is to research the Law of Dharma and show how is plays within The Ramayana. In this the reader will be educated on the history of the Law of Dharma, where it originates, and how it affects the Hindu way of living. The Law of Dharma is a code of life in which we as a society are supposed to live by. Once this is established this knowledge will be compared to the sacred writing of the Hindus which is The Ramayana. The Law of Dharma will show in three mini scenes from the book and shown how it is represented to the real world. Finally, it will finish up with a brief comparison with Christianity and the Law of Dharma. Dharma is a key and center concept to the Indian philosophy and religion which is…show more content…
Whenever the word dharma is used in the Ramayana, it is very significant. Suparnakha, the sister of Ravana, the demon king, meets him. She is ugly, pot-bellied, has a terrible voice and is very evil. The Lord is good looking, kind, and an all around good being. He is everything that she is not and she is everything that he is not; they are the epitome of contrasts. She stands for lust and he stands for righteousness. Naturally, her heart goes out to him. She calls to him lustfully, “I would like to make you my own. I will take you everywhere as my consort.” But Rama is a very faithful husband and tells her, “Please gentle lady, under- stand that my wife is here beside me. She loves me and I love her which means there is no possibility of my accepting you.” It is clear that Rama has no intention of giving any thought to her lustful passions but then she introduces herself. Even the great Rama is faced with the temptations of turning away from living the sacred life of Dharma. Throughout the entire story of the Ramayana the Law of Dharma is shown whether it is the struggle that it presents or how it is shown to be a sacred way of living. As it is stated above the Law of Dharma is the center piece to this entire religion and belief system. Without it there structure of life would not make since and would be flawed. After looking into the history and belief system of Hinduism I decided to do a brief comparison with Christianity. One can go into great

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