Randy-Personal Narrative

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Randy It all started when one morning, when there was something under the carpet. I was the one who fixed the problem, but instead of a pat on the back, the ending turned out otherwise. Me and my seven siblings were all asleep. My mom and dad were downstairs running around, jumping from couch, to couch, this was not just any old night. I was then woke up, by a loud ear piercing screech, from the living room. I ran down stairs and skidded to a stop when I reached the bottom. There infront of me was a lump under the rug. I did not go near it I just stood there thinking it was all a dream. Then it moved toward me and I turned and ran as fast as I could back into my bed I slept in tell eleven o'clock, for it was a Saturday. I went down stairs and there was a pile of books trailing through the living room. Next to the lamp there was the same lump as there was last night. I decided to take the road less traveled and I walked around the books, this…show more content…
I jumped so high that my chair tipped backwards and I smashed my head on the hardwood floor. I leaped up and ran into the living room and there in front of me was a broken lamp. The thing was right under the table. I waited until my mom came in and told her the story and she made me pick the mess up because she said I looked the least scared of the thing under the rug. My mom was then getting pretty mad because she noticed that the lamp that broke was the one that she had just bought for a un reasonable price. She told me to get rid of the nasty thing. I walked into the living room toward the lump with a heavy chair held above my head. The lump then slowly slithered toward me cautiously. I stopped and yelled, and swung, and… and… Smash! To smash an something means you better be blocking the noise out. My mom yelled at me because I yelled way to loud. I told her that I did not want to hear a crunch from the
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