Rape Can Be Defined As Being Unlawful And Unconsented Vaginal Or Anal Penetration?

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Rape can be defined as being unlawful and unconsented vaginal or anal penetration. The source of penetration varies and includes penetration by using the finger, penis, or objects and can be penetrated into the mouth or the anus. The American Heritage college dictionary definition of rape, page 740 is “a sexual act committed by force especially on a woman”. There are several different types of rape that exist in the law. A) Penetrative rape: The vagina is penetrated by penis, finger, or other objects B) Statutory rape: The penis is touched on vagina but no penetration takes place. This type does not exist in Indian statutes yet C) Marital rape: When rape occurs within a marriage. This is not yet recognised in Indian law. D) Date rape: When rape occurs during an exploratory platonic romantic meeting between a man and a woman, where often intoxicating agent is mixed in the food or drink of the victim. E) Gang rape: when more than one person rapes the victim. F) Male rape: when man on man rape takes place. (cited in the Indian J Psychiatry, 2013) This essay will be explaining some of the Biological and Cognitive (Social learning Perspective) Psychological Theories and will be critically evaluating Rape as an act of criminal behaviour. The cognitive approach will be focussing on learnt behaviour, cycles of abuse and normalisation of coercive violent sex through early childhood experiences and the biological theory will focus on psychosis and the neurobiological explanations
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