Rape Culture And Its Effect On Society

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Rape culture is all around us; it lurks in advertisement, television shows, and movies, it’s even in our language objectifying women’s bodies. Rape culture is defined as “an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture” (marshall.edu). Something to keep in mind, the term is called “rape culture” for a reason. “Culture” is defined in anthropological terms as learned behaviors that are passed on from generation to generation, meaning these behaviors are being taught and accepted from previous generations. Rape culture affects everyone, despite the popular belief that it only affects women. The majority of women consciously limit their behavior in fear of rape or sexual harassment. Think about it for a second: how many women go about their days in fear of rape? How about men? The purpose of rape culture (or this paper) is to not blame men or make a claim that all men rape, in consideration men are sometimes on the other side of the issue. The goal of this paper matches the many artists and feminist in the pursuit against the struggle; bringing awareness in order to make a change. In this paper I will address the background of the public issue, provide analyses of two photographs in movement against rape culture, and concluding remarks pertaining to the subject.
As mentioned earlier, rape culture is apparent in all aspects of our lives. It exists in almost all forms of media,

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