Rape Culture Essay

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For centuries, rape culture has not been clearly defined by ideas, beliefs, or attitudes. As a pretty controversial subject, there is no correct definition for the term “rape culture”. It is generally defined by the way a person perceives rape, and for that reason, there are many beliefs towards rape. Rape is generally unlawful and unwanted sexual intercourse between any person. In this shocking world today, most perpetrators of sexual assaults are caused by heterosexual men, and for the most part, men are known to be aggressive. Rape is often portrayed as somewhat lawful within the media culture. Many famous people and professional organizations encourage activities that could lead to rape. Lastly, women are known to be asking to be …show more content…

For these reasons, fraternity houses are places known to have a higher rate of rape incidents. When most women are sexually assaulted, they are usually under the influence. That is why in some cases, women consent to sexual intercourse at the time of the incident, but realizes what happened and regrets the decision. Now as a survivor of sexual assault, it is hard to come out and be able to get the perpetrator in trouble. Rape is unwanted sexual intercourse, but there are many situation that it is hard to get any one person into deep trouble. Sexual and demeaning words are often used in the media. There are tons of everyday examples that talk about the rape culture in this world. It is as if we have learned to accept rape as part of our culture rather than finding a solution. Media is one of the biggest reasons why rape is prominent in this day and age. Look at the tv show, Game of Thrones, rape and sexual assault played a huge roll in the show. They featured a lot of sexual violence from powerful men to powerless women. Not only is sexual violence deemed as an appropriate thing to do in a tv show, but also in pop music. We hear plenty of music artists singing lyrics about rape culture. For example, in the 2010 hit song, E.T. by Katy Perry ft. Kanye West, Kanye sings, “I'mma disrobe you / Then I'mma probe you / See, I abducted you / So I tell you what to do.” Kanye is basically saying that men can assert

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