Ratio Analysis Of Airtel

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If we see the chart the net profit ratio of idea has come down to .07nwhich in not a good indicator. It net profit ratio is declined from last year. This indicate the ineffciency of company to maintain the net profit.
If we see the performance of both companies on the basis of this ratio Airtel is performing better than Idea.

3.2 Gross Profit Ratio-
It is a profitability ratio that shows the relationship between gross profit and total net sales revenue. This ratio tells about the operational efficiency of the firm. Interpretation
Bharti Airtel If we see the chart it clear that Airtel has constant gross profit margin ratio in two years which means that the company has maintained the operational efficiency and does not let …show more content…

Airtel specially makes plans for its different account to attract customers and give them the best service. These plans are called “CORPORATE PLANS”.
Every week the target is being assigned to the executive according to the accounts he is visiting. Sometime executive have to visit more than two companies in a day and four companies in a week. This happen because of the timing of that particular account.
To gain an account the channel partner visit to different companies and ask for the details like the number of employees working there and ask for the number of any senior to whom they can contact open roadshow there. Every Saturday the executives have been provided with a training session or they are divided into teams of three and allocated with the area to each team. Those teams visit to companies of that area take the details of the companies. Sometime the team also not allowed to get inside the enterprise because of their policies.
Below are the points on which I have covered during my internship and which help me to get idea of how Airtel works:
• Increase productivity of the Field Survey

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