Ray Bradbury 's Fahrenheit 451

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The new 2015 generation is growing up in a technology based culture. More books are being read online, music on phones or ipods, there is even online school. Technology is helping to advance our society and bring us to a new chapter in our nation. In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury shows how the power and advancement of technology is changing the people of the world by controlling them. Bradbury uses Mildred to show how the advancement of technology is changing the world for the worse and is controlling the people. When people talk about their family they usually mean blood related or through marriage but, when Mildred talks about her ‘family’ she is referring to her TVs. “Now, ‘said Mildred’, my ‘family’ is people. They tell me things; I laugh, they laugh! And the colours!”(69). Mildred is explaining to Montag that her ‘family’ are real people and is her family. When Montag is explaining to Mildred how important books are she jumps at the first piece of technology and does not listen to Montag. “...Millie don 't you see? An hour, a day, two hours, with these books and maybe…’the telephone rang. Mildred snatched the phone. ‘Ann!’ She laughed. ‘Yes, the white clowns on tonight!”(70). Mildred thinks Montag is making a useless argument and does care about books. She would rather talk on the phone. “...when the front door cried in the hall and Mildred ran from the parlor...Mrs.Phelps and Mrs.Bowles came through the front door and vanished into the volcano 's mouth…’Montag…’

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