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The time of The Glass Castle spans approximately from 1957 to 2005. On most occasions, the Walls family chose to dwell in some of the smallest, poorest towns in the country. One of the most noteworthy stops includes their time in Midland, California. They later advanced to Blythe, California, which is twenty-two miles south of their prior living arrangements. According to Jeanette’s parents, Blythe was “Too civilized and downright unnatural, too, since no town the size of Blythe had any business existing out in the Mojave Desert.” (Walls 44). The Walls family also resided in a different gold mining town, Battle Mountain, Nevada. Despite Battle Mountain being a gold mining town, all they found was merely fool’s good. Later in their lives, they moved to the most predominant “ghost town” of their many accommodations, Welch, West Virginia; in which the children lived most of their lives. Later in her life, Jeanette moved to New York City, New York, in an effort to further her career as a writer.
The main character in my book is Jeanette Walls. Jeanette is one of the four children of Rex and Rose Mary Walls. Her siblings names’ are Lori, Brian, and Maureen. Growing up, Jeanette was a tall, skinny genius with red hair. Although, she was not well liked when she actually had the opportunity to attend public school. “The other students did not like me very much because I was so tall and pale and skinny and always raised my hand too fast and frantically in the air whenever Miss Cook

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