Reading The Old Testament Prophets

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For the second part of this assignment, apply the information and insights on reading the Old Testament prophets to a specific passage we have studied this module/week in the Isaiah course. Write an essay on 1 of these passages: Isaiah 1:1–19; 2:1–22; 3:1–26; or 5:8–30. What genres, themes, and literary features of prophetic passages, in general, do you see in these specific texts? Try to focus not just on what the prophet is saying, but how he communicates his message in a way to get the attention of his audience and his later readers.

Isaiah 1:1-19

Isaiah is the most quoted prophet in the New Testament, being “quoted no fewer than sixty-six times in the New Testament.” The Book of Isaiah, which is written in poetic verse, informs the reader of Gods judgment and salvation. Isaiah focuses on the salvation that will come through the Messiah. It was the prophet Isaiah’s desire that those who heard and read his words would be convicted and turn away from evil and turn their life over to God for forgiveness and healing.
In regards to Isaiah 1:1-19 it is about Israel’s condition and God’s solution to it. The judgment from God had come upon the people of Judah because they had sinned against Him. His judgment would cleanse and perfect them because God had a future for them. The prophetic books of the Old Testament for the most part are a compilation of oracles, which God used to communicate His message to the world. These oracles announced judgment, appealed for

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