Reagan Eulogy Analysis

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Margret Thatcher depicted the greatness of Ronald Reagan in all aspects of his life in a eulogy spoken at his funeral after his unfortunate passing in 2004. Her eulogy accurately describes the legacy of Reagan, his relationships with the American people, and his hardships throughout his presidency. Thatcher used a variety of rhetorical strategies to convey message, and her creative use of these strategies allowed for unison and proper tone within her speech. Thatcher begins her testimony of Reagan's character with repetition of the word "great." She uses this to describe all the ways in which he truly excelled and to list the aspects of Reagan's life that she was going to be praising throughout her eulogy. In her first body paragraph, Thatcher uses words like "cheerful" and "invigorating" to capture the essence that he gave off to others. Her use of unified diction allows the reader to not only connect to Reagan as a person but also feel Thatcher's pain throughout the speech after she losing someone she thought so highly of and considered a friend. She enhances Reagan's character when she says "He sought to mend America's wounded spirit" (Line 5-6). Her personification of America by describing its spirit as "wounded" allows the reader to connect to America's less than admirable state with terms that are relatable. Thatcher continues to develop Reagan's character with her use of metonymy. In line 15, she refers to the heart of communism as "the very heart of the evil

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