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Real Estate Law There is a concluded contract between International Imports Pty and South pacific Imports made on 3 December. The contents of this concluded contract are contained in the facsimile sent on 3 December by the buyer who is also the offeror (International Imports Pty Ltd) to the seller who is also the offeree (South Pacific Imports) indicating that the buyer agrees to the terms of the seller and further asking the seller to deliver the goods as agreed. The essential elements of a valid contract include an offer, acceptance and consideration (Ferrari 34). A commercial contract should show the capacity of the parties to make a contract and indicate the legality of the contract purpose or subject matter. Drawing from communication between the two parties involved, an offer to supply 1000 tons of sulphur at $A1500 per ton was made by South Pacific Imports on a letter dated November 9 and received of November 16 by the International Imports. This letter gives the seller’s conditions for minimum purchase of 1000 tons per order and additional costs of $150 per ton if shipping is required. The buyer consents to these conditions as indicated in a facsimile sent on 3 December by the buyer agreeing to terms of the seller to supply 1000 tons of sulpur at $A1500 per ton and an additional $150 for transportation per ton. In this facsimile, the buyer asks the seller to deliver the goods as agreed and therefore there is acceptance of the offer. This means that the concluded
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