Real Estate Lawyer Research Paper

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When one wants to understand the work of a Real estate lawyer, they can educated themselves by searching the net, which defines a real estate lawyer to be a person who deals with the review and documentation of real estate transactions, including leases, purchases, inspections and appraisals. An experienced real estate lawyer helps a client with any problems relating to real estate transactions, and even helps lenders carry out foreclosure, and borrowers with the service of defending against foreclosure. Blake Rubin is the Vice Chairman of McDermott Will & Emery’s U.S. & International Tax Group. Mr. Rubin is an efficient real estate lawyer who practices in the area of federal taxation, specializing in matters relating to partnership and real estate taxation. Mr. Rubin expertise in structuring large…show more content…
While a real estate agents advices a client in matters of home inspections, offers, and other aspects of real estate, a real estate lawyer on the other hand knows plenty of tricks to ensure the protection of their clients. They will provide legal guidance to the client. An experienced real estate lawyer like Blake Rubin, will have knowledge about the laws relating to the real estate market, issues like short sales or foreclosures are extremely complicated and a real estate lawyer would be able to help the client as he knows about the constant changes in the legislature. A real estate lawyer will also be able to deal with any problems or disputes during the process of selling or buying a property. Most importantly a real estate lawyer would not be taking a commission like a real estate agent, they would however charge a fee for their efficient legal advice and services which would make the client get through the entire real estate transaction or issues related to it go as smoothly as
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