Reality Shows And Its Effects On The World 's View Of Society

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Today 's population is highly dependant on the world 's view of themselves. More and more young people are more concerned with how many likes they get on Facebook, or instagram then they are with trying to spend quality time with their families. How did America end up so disconnected with one another? why is it that there are television sets in elevators, bathroom and malls? Our world is controlled by television, social media and the made up notion of what reality is.
Reality Television shows are defined as a program purposely and continuously filmed and is intended for pure entertainment and not education. Reality shows can be found on almost every single television network, from PBS to The O Network. Many Americans are addicted and obsessed with these staged situations that they believe are part of some normal way of living. Television and reality shows have somehow become part of our everyday lives and made characters household names throughout the entire world. Networks that endorse these shows spend countless hours and money to try and depict a normal day and grab the watchers attention so the viewer not only relates to that person and our group of people, but also the viewer wants to know more about the individual and in some weird way live through these experiences by watching these shows . Usually there is a even numbers of men and women on each show, a few minorities and at least one homesexual/ lesbian, they networks are looking for individuals that the public…
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