Reality Shows And The Reality Of Reality Television, Entertainment And Reality

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Nowadays, there is a wide selection of reality shows, which audiences can pick and watch. The reason why there are so many different types of reality shows is due to the expansion of the broadcasting industry and the need to ingratiate the taste of the public. Although most people will agree the term reality shows is used to identify shows that have arisen since the 21st century, the appearance of reality television shows actually emerged earlier than everyone thought. For example, Allen Funt’s Candid Camera, which was the first reality show in the United States, arose in 1948 wherein real people respond to funny pranks or unusual situations for the first time ever under hidden cameras (Beck 6). Apart from the entertainment reality shows, non-fictional entertainment shows such as documentaries about ordinary people, quiz and game shows also appeared during the 1990s (Beck 4). Therefore, the aim for people to watch reality shows at that time is entertainment and education. Yet, as time progresses, distinct subgenres of reality shows such as the makeover shows, celebrity-reality shows as well as dating shows developed in the 21st century and the realness of reality shows has become controversial. The authenticity of reality shows has become debatable not only because of these people are oftentimes getting paid to be filmed on camera, but also because exaggerations of manliness, beauty, and wealth are often portrayed in these programs, thus causing audiences to consider them

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