Realm of Wonders Union Essay

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Alison felt sick. She could not believe that she had put herself forward by agreeing to take three people to Frinda. A place that if they got caught in, could mean trouble, not only from her mum, but also the queen, who did not wish nosey kids to probe her kingdom before going to war. She got her clothes ready for the adventure and packed her backpack with a torch, food and a bottle of water, and lay on her bed grabbing the picture of Amir. She began staring at the handsome prince. She gazed at his eyes…she loved to do that lately. All she thought about was he, morning, noon and night, wishing that she could’ve known him and been his friend. However, staring harder she seemed to go into a trance; everything around her became dark. It was …show more content…

Alison was not sure if it was she, who had urged Amir to wipe his eyes so that she could see what was going on, or that the tears were burning his cheeks and the need to wipe them away was of his free will. His dark green, silk doublet was used as a hankie, as he pulled the thick material roughly over his eyes and cheeks, and looked down sadly. Alison felt herself gasp, as lying on the ground lay a chestnut horse. The light breath of the horse and the nudging of its head made Alison aware that he was dying. The straw that was around the horse was bloodied from the deep wounds on its stomach. Amir stroked its mane, hugging the creature and whispering gently in its ear, then kissed the horse on its temple and watched sadly, as he died, unable to help a creature who had been his only companion in the palace, for as long as Amir could remember. “Sleep tight Harpo, I’ll miss you,” Amir cried as he closed Harpo’s eyes and continued stroking his mane. “Oh dear, who could have killed your horse?” a wicked voice behind him sneered. Amir turned around to see his sister standing there laughing by the barn doors. “Did a nasty person kill your horsey worsy?” she laughed. “Leave me alone!” Amir shouted, as he quickly stood up and ran at Zantha, his bloodied hands turning into a fist. “What? And leave you to suffer in peace? I don’t think I could do that. I want to see you suffer. So please, entertain me with your tears. It is so

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