Reasonable Accommodation Essay

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1
The ADA 1
Disability 2
Reasonable Accommodation 3
Undue hardship 4
Obligation for Reasonable Accommodation 5
What Managers Can Do To Reduce Liability 6
Current and Future Trends in Reasonable Accommodation 7
Conclusion 7

Doors and halls not wide enough for wheel chairs to pass through, nonexistent wheelchair ramps, elevators without brail, classifying a job applicant as inferior because of their physical or mental disability, the examples are endless. An employer's obligation to accommodate employees with disabilities has been in debate long before The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. And those arguments vary; does the ADA place too much of a burden on corporations …show more content…

An example that may help in understanding what constitutes a reasonable accommodation is the case Canice v. Norwest Bank Iowa N.A.
In this case Peter Canice, among many other claims, accused Norwest Banks of discrimination under the ADA for not making reasonable accommodations for his depression. In its ruling the court reasoned that, "Once a qualified individual with a disability has requested provision of a reasonable accommodation . . . the employer must make a reasonable effort to determine the appropriate accommodation." The evidence that Mr. Candice provided did not support this criteria and ". . . because he lacked proof that an accommodation of his disability would have allowed him to keep his job." This is pertinent point for cases dealing reasonable accommodation. "The employee still carries the burden of showing that a particular accommodation rejected by the employer would have made the employee qualified to perform the essential functions of the job." The court ruled in favor of Norwest.
In its terms the ADA specifies reasonable accommodation as follows: (A) making existing facilities used by employees readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities; and (B) job restructuring, part¬ time or modified work

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