Reasons for the Gap between Social Classes in America

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USA is a very big country with a lot of people and the social classes are very important. We can see that social class plays big part of people’s life. Everyday people are working, studying, trying to be better. Even though right now it’s time when everyone has many opportunities in his life, anyway there is a gap between classes and groups of people with same features. And your background probably will build your future. And we need to find what kind of class we have right now and look into these classes. The main idea is that Social Classes still exist and it’s most general part of U.S.A society. There are three reasons why gap between groups still exist. The first reason is that everyone has different economic status. People divide by groups with same ideas, religion, economic status, political views, and cultural features. For example in U.S.A we have poor people, very rich people, and kind of middle people and we can’t say that these families are same. People from each group have different opportunities in education, medicine, and job. If you are from rich family you have more chance to be succeed in this world, for you it will be much easier unlike someone from poor family. The children from rich families will get best college or university degree, will find good job, and will learn how to be rich from their parents. Money for now is very powerful tool in your hand, with money we can go to our dreams. The statistic shows us that most of people while whole
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