Reasons to Invest in Lionsgate Essay

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I believe that Lionsgate is a film studio that’s set for some big growth in the next few years, and I wish I had a big bag of money to invest. I have come up with five very good reasosn why i want to invest in Lionsgate.
The Hunger Game series: As you’ve probably heard, read, and/or seen by now, there’s a new blockbuster franchise on the block, and in the last ten days it’s already made $362 million. It’s headed easily north of $500 million and probably above $700 million, plus another nine-figure haul on DVD and Blu-ray, not to mention merchandising. The sequel, entitled Catching Fire, is already scheduled for a November 2013 release, and will likely build on the mega-success of the first film. There’s also talk of turning the third and …show more content…

Meanwhile, you’re wondering what the big deal is about the Step Up franchise, right? Well, the previous three films combined cost only around $60 million to make, and brought home $424 million at the box office, plus DVD and Blu-ray sales and rentals that probably pushed the total to more than $500 million. Half a billion bucks off a $60 million investment isn’t too shabby, and each film has made more money than the last one. With the fourth film releasing this July, and the take from previous installments now going to Lionsgate, it’s a nice low-budget property that’s provided big returns and seems capable of churning out sequels indefinitely.

The Expendables series — The first film in Sylvester Stallone’s series was a hit, and the sequel has upped the ante with the inclusion of widely popular action stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris. So expect this one to top the box office of the previous entry, somewhere north of $300 million at theaters before a nice additional run on the home theater market where profit margins are enormous. The films are popular because they are a throwback to the golden age of modern action films, and they answer the question, “What if everybody who ever kicked butt got together to kick each other’s butts all at once?” The answer, of course, is $$$. Lionsgate also has some other

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