Reassessing the Impacts of ‘WikiLeaks and the Iraq War Logs’

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‘WikiLeaks and the Iraq War Logs’ had shocked the population across the globe, leaving a tragic imprint in our minds from the 400,000 classified logs. Bradley Manning, the leaker, wanted to ‘change the world for the better’. However, the word ‘better’ have caused unlimited questions to be raised, which allowed us to reassess the impact it had put out into the world. Views were varied through different perceptions, whether it was better or worst for the society. Nonetheless, in order to judge the statement that Private Manning had made in the most rational way, the use of ethics may have to be applied.
The greatest leak in history provided the nation an idea of what is actually behind the headlines. The truth. We are now able to know that …show more content…

In addition, during that period other confirmations were reported from the Fallujah Hospital in Iraq which exposes further of the torturing’s. Iraqi’s had ‘higher rates of cancer, leukemia and infant mortality rate than in Hiroshima and Nagasaki’, as well as the increase rate of deformed babies born, although the Americans admitted that they avoided band weapons. Yet again these are ‘national defence information’ that could be used to injure the US or aid foreign nation, which may not be ‘better for the world’ as they are a powerful nation where many countries depend on. Additionally, Iraqi government themselves did against their citizens. Iranian politician Mohammad-Javad Larijani claimed to Press TV that ‘Iraqi people have been tortured by Iraq’s security forces and the only wrongdoing of Americans is that they witnessed the incidents and remained silent’. As we are all confused about the accurate truth, we are put into an awkward position where we cannot understand the reasons behind these war logs. Furthermore, the alliance between the US and Iraq could lead to a distressing position.
Some see Manning as a hero, but others see him as a criminal. Bob Meola, a national committee member of the War Resisters league, strongly supports Manning as being ‘an American hero’. Where other citizen’s agreement also proves that the exposure was a sacrifice in order for the world to know the actual facts that could change our

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