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For my quarter project I have decided to watch a Spanish movie. The movie that I have chosen is called Rec, (short for record) filmed in 2007. The movie is a horror film about the zombie apocalypse, but instead of the apocalypse already happening it shows how it was discovered/started. The film takes place in Spain, and is like a fictional documentary. It is filmed with a hand held camera, but does have high quality. I like that my project was something that I love to do. Which is, watching scary movies!
Before I talk about the movie, I’ll tell you why I picked this topic. Getting, I knew that I wanted to watch a movie from Spanish culture. I didn't exactly know what though so I Google Spanish movies and I some popped up, but I wasn’t interested in them.I Googled horror movies that originated from Spain and that one popped up. I didn't click it because it was the first one, I clicked it because I knew that I would enjoy the film even though I had to read. I'm really happy I chose this topic and this movie because I actually got scared. Some American films don't scare me. …show more content…

American and Spain films both have jump-scares. Where something pops out of nowhere, or you weren't expecting it. They were different because, in American films they are more predictable. In American films if they go into the closet it's obvious something bad is going to happen. In the beginning of watching this film I didn't think the zombie apocalypse could come out of this smooth I thought that it would be choppy, and I wouldn’t like it. See everyday things like firemen and police officers get involved in American films. it seems that in American films the police and the fireman and all of the other authorities don't believe in the victim. This film was different, because this time they were the victim. So I had a different perspective on

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