Essay Reconciling the Cuban Embargo

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Heading the wrong way made Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan famous. When he filed his flight plan to fly from New York to California and wound up in Ireland there was much celebrity and very little downside for him. The US, may not be as lucky with our embargo policy towards Cuba. A policy that may have a major impact on the US, both domestically and internationally, is truly only actively discussed in the swing state of Florida. Is the US heading in the wrong direction with this policy? Certainly the author thinks so, and if he's right it's not likely that we'll receive a ticker tape parade at the end of journey like Corrigan did.
Alex Lightman walks us through 78 reasons to end the embargo of Cuba. He does this by stating a reason and …show more content…

In the maon body of the book, Lightman breaks his reasons into five general categories; General, Political, Economic, Humanitarian and Fair Compensation. Some of these reasons overlap or are highly intermingled so seeing each point separately may be difficult from time to time.
Lightmans' general reasons are a small collection of statements that seem not to fit anywhere else in the treatise. Those in the business world will recognize that the focus here is on effective goal setting. He educates the reader on the SMART technique and details why the Cuban embargo fails to be a SMART goal. Then, looking from the other perspective, he evaluates the goal in terms of the results obtained. Now he questions since the goal has not been met, is it appropriate to continue down the same well worn path. Further to this point, he posits that for the US to advocate regime change in another nation is not an ethical goal to pursue in the first place. The section closes out by arguing that the real beneficiaries of the embargo are people and entities that the American people would never want to benefit in the first place. His list of beneficiaries includes the Castro brothers, which would shock any idealistically minded pro-embargo supporter.
The vast amount of the book is spent covering the political reasons why the embargo should be ended. This section

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