Reconstruction Goals : Reconstruction And Reconstruction

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Reconstruction Goals Reconstruction started in 1865 after the war was coming to an end and completed in 1877. It Is the process by which federal government controlled the former Confederate states and the conditions for their readmission to the union. Abraham Lincoln was our president at the time and could not form a treaty with the defeated government. After the emancipation, thousands of freedmen left their plantation to find a new life without being owned and forced to work. This began the political, social, and economic goals for reconstruction regarding African Americans. There were many different approaches of political goals set for reconstruction. Republicans dealt with the political control. Conservatives within the party …show more content…

Congress then passed the bill in 1864 to which Lincoln vetoed it; this infuriated Radicals. Lincoln, then, accepted some of the Radical demands to stop the disagreements and conflict. Another view of Reconstruction was Johnson’s “Restoration” plan. This plan was very similar to to Lincolns and the Wade-Davis Bill. Southerners who took an oath of allegiance were offered forgiveness. The new president appointed a provisional governor in each state and charged him with inviting qualified voters to elect delegates to a constitutional convention. To win readmission to Congress, a state had to revoke its ordinance of secession, abolish slavery and ratify the Thirteenth Amendment, and repudiate Confederate and state war debts. This plan was implemented in 1865 when Congress was in recess. By the end on 1865, all seceded states underwent new governments following either Lincoln’s or Johnson’s plan. The North became irritated with the South’s reluctance to abolishing slavery which resulted with them becoming harsher towards this situation. Although this plan worked for a short amount of time, it ended in December of 1865 hence starting “congressional” or “radical” reconstruction. There were many social plans implemented during the period of reconstruction. Some of these plans included Jim Crow Laws, Black Codes, the Fourteenth Amendment, and the Freedmen’s Bureau. Jim Crow Laws created a hierarchy reaching into almost every area of southern life. Blacks and whites could not

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