Recycling In The United States

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Recycling is one of the many ways to decrease landfill use. Some people believe we shouldn’t recycle, while other people think we should use it more. Recycling should be practiced more and is more effective because it lowers the amount of chemicals emitted, you get lots of useful recycled materials, and it provides many jobs for people in the United States.
People should recycle more because it lowers the amount of chemicals emitted. So far, recycling activity has lowered carbon dioxide emissions by 186 million tons. That means, since recycling started, chemical emissions have declined greatly. As a rule, when there are less greenhouse gases emitted, there are less expenses paid for the harmful chemicals found in landfills. In the past, landfill and …show more content…

Recycling provides 471,000 direct and indirect jobs for people in the U.S. This shows us that recycling keeps people employed and happy. As a rule, when there are many job options for people, the economy gets better. “Overall, the business of recycling represents nearly $106 billion in economic activity” (Wiener 1). This means that recycling helps the economy greatly and will make it stronger. As a final analysis, more recycling leads to more jobs and a stronger economy.
It is often thought that recycling isn’t very productive or effective. What this argument overlooks is that; “In the United States we generate enough trash to fill 63,000 garbage trucks that hold 9 tons of trash each. If we remove the recyclables we would need only 46,000 garbage trucks” (York 1). Since 153 tons of garbage is recycled and saved each day, it has proven to be more effective.
Less chemicals emitted, lots of scrap recycled material, and many job employments are all reasons why recycling should be used more. While, recycling is one of many ways to decrease landfill use, it has proven to be more effective and therefore should be used more

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