Recycling Should Be Mandatory For All Cities Essay

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Every day, people throw out unwanted items from their homes. Miscellaneous items like bottles, old newspapers, and even glass are thrown out and eventually go into landfills. There has been so much trash over the last few decades that it is changing and harming many environments. Wherever someone travels to, the individual may see trash cluttering neighborhoods, cities, and even reservoirs. Recycling should be mandatory for all cities so that many forms of life can live in a healthy environment.
What is recycling and why should people care about it? When people recycling, waste products such as plastic and glass that are not used anymore are turned into new products (Kukreja n.p.). “Each person creates about 4.7 pounds of waste every single day” (Kukreja n.p.). With all of the waste being produced and not recycled may result in air and water pollution making an environment unhealthy Recycling will not only help to decrease air and water pollution, but will save money in the economy. The goal of recycling is to make a sustainable environment for everything to live in.
There are all kinds of pollution, but the main types people encounter are water and air pollution. They are both caused by the same physical effect from people not throwing away trash properly. Air is polluted by all kinds of chemicals through the industry. According to National Geographic “Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is the main pollutant that is warming Earth. Carbon dioxide is widely considered to be a

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