Reflection About Poverty

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I was raised by a single mother who was an immigrant at the time and we lived in a community composed of other Latino families who were all working class. It wasn’t until high school where I realized that our social economic status was below the poverty line. Some may become marveled at the thought that it took me that long to realize my family and I was poor. All the signs where there, things such as my mother sending me over to the neighbors right at dinner time so I would eat there, my uncles skipping dinners saying they weren’t hungry so I could have a second serving, and the hand me down clothes from other neighbors children. It took that long to come to that realization because my family raised me to appreciate that we had the necessities and not to cry the material things I wanted but couldn’t have. I had family who loved me and cared for me, as well as a roof over my head and food on the table. My mother who I mentioned is an immigrant; she later became a US Citizen, worked two jobs and tried to learn English at our local high school by taking evening classes. At times I could go days without seeing her because she would rise with the sun and come home well after dark. Her hard work and perseverance is a quality I have learned to admire from her as I watched her struggle to feed me and my siblings. Humility is another quality that I can thank my mother for instilling in us. An immigrant in the U.S. is very difficult to have opportunities where there is upward

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