Reflection About Search For Identity

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Throughout the course of life people tend to go through many different stages or phases. From the rebellious teenager phase to the “wanting to travel the world” university student, people start to take shape in many different ways. But as life goes on these phases tend to become more than just a phase, they start to become a part of a person's identity and who they view themselves to be. The search for an identity is not an easy one and usually comes with many different challenges and struggles. Without an identity a person may feel lost or that they are not living life to its fullest. That is why many people spend their entire life trying to connect with who they truly are. The long, and difficult search for identity is also seen throughout popular literature, plays, and short stories with many different characters trying to pursue an identity. Throughout the semester the class studied many different works where one of the main character's struggles to find who they truly are and who they want to be. The first work where the search for one's identity can be seen is in the short story “First Lives Club” by Margaret Atwood. The characters in this story tend to play around with many different identities in their search to find who they are. The first lives club is an chatroom where the participants use the identity of a usually iconic or famous person from history. One of the characters who struggles with identity is Sal. The first time her search can be seen is when she
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