Reflection On A Long Way Home

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A Long Way Home, is a book filled with many important lessons that we should often reflect on, many emotions throughout the chapters. One event in the book that carried many emotions and feelings, and made me really reflect on the story, is on Chapter 10 Meeting My Mother, especially on page one hundred forty- four. I really believe that this chapter is filled to the maximum with emotions out of all the other chapters and with this chapter being such an importance to the book, having such a significant part. This event in the story takes place right when Sheru is boarding a plane to fly back to India to look for his long lost mother. With many doubts and being anxious that maybe they would not be there. On February 11, Sheru's feet touched the ground of India for the first time in 25 years. After a couple of days traveling in and out of taxi’s, trying to communicate with people to ask for directions he found himself back in his hotel room wanting to give up and go back to Australia. But after some thinking, he decided to just start walking, with his feet leading him the way. After about an hour journey, he was back home where he grew up. After asking a woman near the house he lived in, a man showed up and asked what was going on. As confused as Sheru was the man somehow knew where Sheru's mother was, so Sheru's followed the man and within seconds he was able to recognize his mother. They stared at each other for a couple of seconds then she led Sheroo to a small house. Got
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