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As a Nepali refugee who had never heard of football until he came to America, the transition to play for my school team was not easy. I did not have an easy experience so I had to earn to play for the team. In this paper I will use ethos, pathos, and logos appeals to prove that I entered the discourse community of my High School Football Team by developing knowledge, demonstrating my loyalty to teammates, and creating bonds with the teammates who helped me to become a true football player despite knowing I am from another culture who do not speak the same language and do not anything about football. It is important for everybody to learn the experiences of others because there might be somebody out there who wants to be part of any team, but maybe they are afraid to step up to join that team thinking he or she is different among all. It doesn’t matter who you are, but it’s important that you become part of a team you are interested. You will learn to make friends, boost leadership as well as communication skills like I did by becoming part of high school football team.

I became part of a school team during a sophomore year in 2015, where the team were known as “Conrad Charger”. Our school was a public high school located in Vickery Meadow community in Dallas, which was built around 10 years ago and it has not developed much so most people do not know about our school. People might have looked at our team as just a bunch of kids in a team, but we were a family that grew

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