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This cultural model best suits a multicultural organization like CC where there are different people from diverse cultural backgrounds come together to achieve a common goal. The model focuses on the way people think, their behaviour and future expectations based on their relationship with others, time and environment. Trompenaars believed culture is a way a group of people solve problems. In this internship project, these dimentions are used to analyse CC and its diverse workforce in order to have a better understanding of their working relationships, their foresight, how they solve their day to day business related problems and how they arrived at the present level of understanding among themselves.

1. Universalism versus Particularism

At CC, there is more focus on rules and regulations, every team member is abided to work and transact by the rules and regulations governing the firm. Clifford Chance is a law firm and this firm, a contract, means a contract. Rules, regulations and confidentiality agreements are well respected. The firm's rules and regulations are applied in all situations, regardless of conditions or circumstances. I remember, when I told my supervisor that I would be off work on a one day as I had an appointment with the Prefecture... She replied me saying ''just write to the HR''. Yes, I knew I had to write to the HR, but I felt my supervisor should hear from me first and not via a mail especially because we shared same office. She made me understand

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