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Growing up, I identified as just African because I spent most of my childhood in Africa. Since getting back to the United States, I now identify as African-American. Though I believe I might be bisexual, I still classify myself as heterosexual. Even though society sees women has the homemaker and men as the provider, that didn’t stop my mum from teaching all her kids including my brother how to clean after himself, cook and to do every other thing society expects only girls to do at home. Even though I would love to believe that society didn’t have an impact on my parent’s way of upbringing their kids I would have to say that society had a little impact on my parents’ beliefs and culture. Growing up society expects girls to wear pink and have dolls and other girly stuff. When I was growing up even though I had dolls and dollhouse my parents still bought me a powered tricycle and car in pink and purple even though based on how society groups girls, so called toys are violent and are meant to be for boys. Marriage for women in an African home was quite different for men, in a Yoruba (my tribe) household a daughter that does get married before the age of thirty is often seen as an embarrassment to their family. Women were expected to abstinent from sex until the night of her wedding but the same regard wasn’t expected of men. I am glad I grew up in Africa, where I wasn’t categorized based on my skin color or race but based on my culture. The notion that race implies that

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