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Growing up my grandfather would always say, “Boy, you can’t find any wisdom, if you don’t experience life.” Of course, part of his reasoning for say this was to get me to leave him alone; however, there is a great deal of truth to his statement. Just like with John Dewey claiming, “Through experience man learns about the world….” Dewey continues to claim, “…that students should be involved in real life tasks…” Through these tasks, students can build experience and thus develop the wisdom to serve them later in life. These experiences and the wisdom that follows are vital in making a better tomorrow. As an adult student, I am in full agreement with Dewey’s perspective on the matter. Because through experiences I have found, comes understanding and this understanding helps to shape the decisions that I have made later in life. Additionally, my experience has shown that when studying real-world problems and work-related tasks, as a student, I become more motivated to absorb as much information as I can, and I become better prepared to succeed in my professional career. Indeed, anyone who has ever studied history can testify that if we as a society do not learn from our mistakes than we will be destined to repeat them. These lessons directly relate to the experiences in Dewey’s philosophy. Moreover, the most singular form of this society is the individual, thus acquiring wisdom through experiences is essential to not repeating past mistakes. While I believe wholeheartedly in Dewey’s philosophy towards education, a few additions would help students to become better rounded as they enter society. One of the most important additions is to immerse students at all levels in various cultures outside of their average demographic. Allowing pupils to become cross-cultural students will help bring change to society, and to the world. Likewise, being opening these avenues to students to explore it will help open a dialogue with the students to discuss among their peers, ultimately, allowing the student to create their path in the world with a worldly influence rather than just their neighborhood. Aside from the obvious enhancements to my life education has brought, my educational journey has also played a significant

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