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It’s familiar. I was just here four months ago. The smell, sound, and the people. The clock reads 10:06am. I hear crying babies, sit in a dark room, and wait till I’m chosen for my room. The bracelet is stuck onto my wrist before vitals are taken. “Your blood pressure is up, are you okay?” Well I’m not okay since I’m in the ER because of a 77 day migraine and a numb lip. As I change into the XXL gown in room 9, I lay in bed nervous, but ready for the doctors to come in and review my past, ask everything, and do the normal routine. Yes, I have long-lasting chronic migraines. The pain is in the back of my head. The Toradol, Compazine, Rizatriptan, Sumatriptan, Aleve, Excedrin, Ibuprofen, and Tylenol aren’t decreasing my pain. I’ve been here 5 other times; I get an IV with Toradol, Compazine, and fluids. I feel as if I could just write a resume with all of my information to hand out to every person who walks in the room. I go through about 3 other interviews on my background and the issue I’m here for. Yet again, they decide on the normal procedure. Although, this time it was brought to my attention the day before that my lip is drooping and I realize it is numb. That’s a new issue. Now they run a load of neurological tests to decide if I have had a stroke. An MRI is another thing added to the list this visit.
To get the ball rolling, the nurse walking in with a cart of IV supplies. I warn the nurse who has to stick needle-phobic Sophie whose skin is tough and has veins that

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