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Bouncing my leg up and down unconsciously, shaking the uneven legs of this outside dining hall chair, attempting to discover what type of learner I am. Usher’s song, “My Boo” is stuck on loop and my head refuses to stop swaying. Suddenly I equation after equation start to rush into my head. It wasn’t until now did I realize that I am a kinesthetic and tactile learner. As a child I had to touch everything in the grocery store to gain a little insight on what these foreign objects were. I remember constantly breaking down and repairing electronic in my house just to see how they were made. Now knowing that it was my obsession with movement and touch that maked me the learner I am today, things suddenly start to make sense. I have always been good at hands on actives such as sports and dancing. And when it came to school I would only understand the subject in which I was able to physically comprehend them, such as Math and Science. However, when it came to English I could never get myself to focus and learn. Being diagnosed with dyslexia in the third grade, I then created a negative fixed mindset towards reading. Reading would make me feel dumb, no matter how hard I tried I could not understand what I was reading. “q” became “p,” and “m” became “w.” When reading a book I could read the whole page and not be able to tell you a single thing about what I read. Because of this, I was taken out of every English class and placed into a room left to finger paint the alphabet in

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